The State of Local Business 2021 report is out.

This insights report provides a snapshot of local businesss’ digital adoption throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and also provides an indication of their needs for digital tools in the immediate future. Here are some intriguing insights you can’t ignore.


of small & medium businesses account for 95 percent of all businesses and 70 percent of employment


of respondents say they would rely on a local marketing expert to provide them with reputation management tools in the future


of local business respondents stated that they planned to update their website in the near future


of local businesses were negatively impacted by the pandemic

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82% Improved Online Presence

Of the local businesses surveyed, 82 percent say they put some effort into improving their online presence

48% Adopted Social Media Marketing Tools

Local businesses also turned to digital tools as a means of driving and facilitating commerce through digital channels including social media marketing

SMBs are the backbone of our economies

Data shows that SMBs embracing digital technology are three times likely to experience revenue growth and two times more profitable than their less digital peers.
  • Social Media 80% 80%
  • Online Reputation Management 75% 75%
  • Digital Listings 71% 71%
  • Digital Advertising 78% 78%

Reliance on Local Experts in the Future

According to survey results, the COVID-19 pandemic drove many business to turn to local experts to help them adopt to new digital solutions. Download the report for full detailed survey results.

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