Operating a small business in any market is a challenge. Small business owners in and around Charlotte often wear a number of hats, making critical decisions in all aspects of their business. While trying to do it all on your own is tempting, some elements of business growth and success have a very steep learning curve. 

One of these critical aspects for any entrepreneur, small business, startup company, or home business is digital marketing. If you are not reaching your target audience through your website, social media, and across other digital marketing platforms, you are not going to see the growth and expansion you anticipate. Hiring a digital marketing agency offers the best solution for ongoing business growth. 

This is where the team at GREENstick becomes a valuable asset to your small business. We work as your partner, providing a full range of digital marketing services designed to get your business noticed by your ideal customer. Our specialization is providing digital marketing solutions, and we are passionate about creating effective and affordable marketing services for small businesses. 

To understand how we work with your business to help achieve your goals, a closer look at the services we provide is helpful. With over fifteen years of experience working with businesses in all industries and throughout the county, we know what works and what creates measurable results in the digital marketing field. 

A Search Engine Optimization Company 

SEO services are critical for your website and all social media marketing and content. SEO is more than choosing the right keywords. It is about creating a website that scores high on search engine algorithms and moves your website up the search engine results page. 

Ideally, your company should be found on top half of the first page of organic search results. These are not the paid search results, and the position on the search engine results page (SERP) has a direct bearing on how many people will click on your URL from the page. In fact, 89% of all clicks from a SERP to a website are links on the first page, and over 32% of these are from the top listing in the organic results. 

We work with your website to effectively boost your place on the SERP using strategic, effective practices. These include adding content-rich information, ensuring the website is optimized for back-end coding for algorithms, as well as homing in on critical keywords. 

As an SEO and content marketing agency, we can align your website, provide backlinks, and target keyword and geo locations to push your website to the top of the SERP. 

Social Media Marketing Services 

Integrating your social media presence with your marketing and branding message is another way to drive traffic to your website. Utilizing consistent keywords in engaging and interactive social media campaigns, we create a buzz that gets your business

We’ll help you get on the fast track to success! If a free consultation sounds like just what your small business needs, contact us today.

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