Are you one of the 90 million active business owners using Facebook and need to link it to Google My Business? 

In this article, I will show you how to link your Google My Business to Facebook. I have geared this article to help those just starting. Still, if you are already running a Facebook and Google My Business accounts, this article will also provide you with some incredible optimization tips. 

How to Add Facebook Reviews On Google My Business

Google has released updates that now show ratings from other 3rd party social platforms. So a rating on Yelp or Facebook for your business is making an appearance on your Google My Business. This means these ratings now show on Google My Business Knowledge Panel. 


How to get reviews on Facebook to appear on Google My Business

  1. Ask customers to fill out a review on your Facebook business page
  2. Facebook produces a score rating out of 5
  3. Google spider crawls the web and, if it finds a rating on your Facebook page, can automatically, via an algorithm, add the rating to your Google My Business Knowledge Panel (see video above for example)
  4. You will then gradually notice Facebook reviews along with others appearing on Google My Business panel results.

How to Show Social Media in the knowledge panel of Google My Business

Google My Business can display Social Icons within the Knowledge Panel. These icons include a link to Facebook. To run a good chance of these icons appearing, you will need to make sure your website links through to your Facebook site. How can you do this?

I would add your social media links, including Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube, on the footer of your website. Then another Google algorithm will pick these up and start displaying them.

Social media on the footer of your website will help Google’s algorithm start adding social links automatically on your listing.

Google does this automatically via an algorithm. Ensure that the business details on your Facebook page and your Google page are the same – this helps Google identify that the two are linked.

When people search for your business on Google, they may see links to your business’s social profiles included with your other business information in the knowledge panel in Search. Google gathers business information from a variety of sources and may include it to give customers a more detailed overview of your business.

Social profile information is automatically added to listings for eligible businesses. There are many factors that influence whether these links will appear in your listing, including:


  • Consistency. Use the same name to represent your business in both your listing and your social profiles.
  • Authenticity. If available, verify your profile using the social media site’s verification process. This helps Google determine that the social profile is managed by an owner or authorized representative of the business. Note that not all sites have verification processes available to all of their users.

How to Add Facebook Page to Google My Business

There are 4 components to doing this that you will need from the Facebook page

  1. Save the image to a local area
  2. Copy the text onto your clipboard
  3. Locate the URL of the Facebook page or use the default home page for your Business account
  4. Now head over to Google My Business and add an update under post

How to Use Google My Business Posts for Facebook Page

This is the reverse of the previous step. But this way round, Google My Business helps you out as it has a button that automates it across with one click.

How to Link Google My Business to Facebook Link And Calendar Bookings

Finally, my favorite tip. The easy way to add a Facebook link in Google My Business Knowledge Panel. This is a case of literally taking your Facebook business URL and adding that to the website section of GMB as the external website link.

Also, you can use a link from GMB to the Facebook calendar for taking bookings. Don’t miss that amazing little tip as it’s only just become available.

In Summary

Google My Business is powerful marketing, SEO, and advertising tool. It is way ahead of Facebook, but when combined can prove a very strong way to encourage new customers for all businesses large or small. 

Take advantage of the fact that Google My Business is STILL FREE! Google rewards active Google My Business listings with a lot of traffic and genuine local leads from real customers. So, it is worth the investment of your time or having an agency like GREENstick Marketing to manage it. 

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