With TikTok Ads Manager, companies and marketers have access to the global audience of TikTok and its other family of apps. From targeting, ad creation, insight reports, and ad management tools – TikTok Ads Manager offers you a powerful, yet easy-to-use platform that will help you reach audiences that love your products or services.
Creative ad formats are important to keep your audience engaged. On TikTok Ads Manager, you are able to choose formats that best suit your campaign objectives from a variety of choices. This includes but not limited to horizontal, vertical, or square videos and images.
The ad format is just one piece of the puzzle, though. What really makes the difference is being able to make engaging ads and continuously optimizing them. This is why TikTok Ads Manager offers unique tools that help marketers excel, whether you are running a 6-digit ad campaign or you are a small business on a limited budget.

Here are pro tips to follow when creating or modifying your TikTok video content. 

Step 1: Search for keywords.

Search for keywords related to your brand, products, and services provided by your business. For example, search for #business or #SMB will lead you to videos of businesses showcasing their services. This is the easiest way to find businesses similar to yours.

Step 2: Follow content related to your business account.

Follow content related to your business account with a high number of followers and high levels of engagement. TikTok’s algorithm will then pick out accounts and content relevant to your interests, directing more content for your page and Discover page.

Step 3: Find related trending content on the Discover page.

Find related trending content on the Discover page, which displays a whole range of categories from music to hashtags, holidays, dance challenges, storylines, cultures, and much more.

Step 4: Watch trending videos from industry peers.

Watch trending videos from industry peers that show up on your For You page, completing the previous step. Seek inspiration from these popular videos, and browse the profiles of brands similar to yours to find out what others are doing well.

Step 5: Explore trending filters & effects

Explore trending filters & effects that you come across in videos on the For You page. Click the filter on the button left corner to check out similar videos and discover storylines, creative ideas, and plot twists that might work for your products and services.


Content Strategy and Basic Best Practices for All TikTok Videos


Vertical Video 9:16 & HD Quality footage

Tiktok is built for vertical videos. The vast majority of all user content is shot on the phone and in-app. Anything other than vertical looks out of place. TikTok audiences prefer clear footage in HD quality.

Video Duration

While videos can be 5-60 seconds long, we recommend a video duration of 12-15 seconds, as this is optimal for the average user’s attention span. However, if the story is more suited to a longer duration and can keep users engaged, longer videos can work. A video should be as long as it is interesting.

Give Context With A Caption

Add a caption below your content to provide context to the audience about what they’re watching or what you’re looking for them to do. You can talk about your business, tag creators, or provide additional product/service information.


Remember that all TikTok videos automatically play with sound—design for a sound-on experience with high-quality audio that complements visuals. During transitions, you can align videos with the tempo of the music or plot twists in the voiceover.

One great way to create original content is to add an authentic voiceover. When choosing original music and voiceover, make sure they align with your brand’s identity and/or product or service.

To better showcase, your product and your brand, add a voiceover to your video to introduce your product or service.

If you would like to add background music to your video, please ensure that you have obtained any necessary licenses from the music rights holders. You can also choose music from the Commercial Music Library page on TikTok.

Video Ideation And Theme Selection – How To Make A Great Video


Product Showcase

It is vital to communicate the selling point of your product or service. The video does not need to show all the benefits or selling points of the product/service you are selling, but it is important to deliver one key point that is memorable.

A few tips for a video theme selection

Brand Image: A great video aligns with your brand image. The visuals could be minimalist, clean, vibrant, creative, or whatever you feel best represents your brand. You should also consider the sounds, color palette, and imagery that you use.

Funny Videos: This is the most popular type of content on the platform. The View-Through Rate (VTR%) is high for content that has a great sense of humor.

Informative Videos: Videos that provide life hacks, brand/product reviews, restaurant reviews, and other useful information have higher engagement and a higher VTR%.

Real-Life Experience: TikTok users like authentic and relatable content. Videos that showcase your product in everyday life settings can really resonate with your target audience.


Video Shooting Tips

Use high-definition equipment: High-definition content showcases your product more clearly and provides a better experience for audiences.

Highlight products/services: Close-up shots and footage from different angles give the audience a better overview of the product.

Use different shooting angles: Close-up shots and footage from different angles give the audience a better overview of the product.

Pay attention to lighting: Changes in lighting should match adjustments to shooting angles and video settings.

Highlight keywords with subtitles: Embolden key information to catch viewers’ attention and more effectively convey your message.

Switch between distant shots and close-up: For high-quality videos, make adjustments according to the plot of your video or the appearance of new items.

Using TikTok is a great way to show another side of your brand, build a niche community, and target a younger generation of buyers. It’s a fun platform for experimenting with video, and with the right strategy, you can use TikTok to grow your business. 

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