PRAXM Management Group is a multifamily and mixed-use commercial real estate management firm. They believe the pillars to success are extraordinary service, honesty, integrity, value and performance measures backed by innovation and creativity, and community stewardship. PRAXM is located in Carmel, Indiana, providing exceptional property management services for both core owned assets of Cityscape Residential and third-party client assets. At PRAXM, they understand and prioritize that serving investors, clients, service providers, team members, and residents alike is our primary focus.


In 2019, PRAXM’s goal was to reach new renters and retain current residents utilizing their active social media accounts, including Google My Business, Facebook, and Instagram. In addition, PRAXM needed an easier solution that would allow their onsite teams to create, schedule, and publish content across their active accounts, but only on one platform. And finally, PRAXM needed real-time reporting and insights to track its social media posting efforts.


Leveraging their new partnership with GREENstick by using their Social Media Marketing App to create, schedule, publish content, track real-time performance results on audience reach, engagements, and conversions, and then engage with the site teams bi-weekly for a social content strategy session.


PRAXM set a quota for their onsite teams to use the GREENstick Social Media Marketing App a minimum of 3 times per week to create and publish content and create sales and upsell opportunities for new and existing residents.

Social Marketing gave PRAXM one place to stay social. It provided each team member the power to generate leads, communicate with followers, and post to all their social media pages at once. It made it easy to coordinate and schedule posts and come with a bank of engaging ready-to-publish content. Social Marketing made managing social media simple for PRAXM.

Here’s a video overview of what GREENstick’s Social Marketing App can do for any business type: 


Using the Social Media Pro, PRAXM was primed to promote their products and services and start a conversation about current residents’ experiences – namely reputation management. PRAXM then opted into GREENstick’s Reputation Management for free as part of a larger digital bundle.

GREENstick’s Reputation Management solution allowed PRAXM to manage and monitor every aspect of their online reputation–from reviews and mentions to listings and social media, competitor insights, and more. “GREENstick’s Reputation Management is the backbone of our digital marketing strategy at PRAXM,” says Rebecca Collins, Director of Property Management.

The Results

PRAXM’S strategy of using Social Media as a prospecting tool and Reputation Management as a gateway to ask and respond to the review and gain powerful insights for better decision-making on people, product, price, and promotion.


  • 2,254,860 Google My Business Views (+2,084,924)
  • 133,248 Google My Business Actions Completed (+110,144)
  • 244 Reviews Collected 
  • 93% Responded To
  • 4.47 Average Star Rating On Google 
  • 100% Recommend Score On Facebook
  • 3,828 (+3,107) New Social Media Posts Published
  • 617,104 New Social Media Users Reached (+395,965)
  • 759,899 Engaged Social Media Users (+738,854)
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