As family and friends surround you this holiday season, please take a minute to reflect and remember that we need each other to succeed. Thank you for your partnership in 2022. From all of us at GREENstick, we hope your holidays are joyful and filled with family.

2022 has presented numerous business challenges, such as rising interest rates, supply chain disruptions, and staff shortages. However, these obstacles have only sharpened the competitive spirit of our partners and vendors – ones who take full advantage of strong consumer demand to increase efficiency in their operations. Even through challenging circumstances like heavy rains, we see them pass their competition with strength!

Here’s a glimpse at some noteworthy moments from 2022.

51 Million Google Business Profile Views

GREENstick customers reached 51 Million Google Business Profile Views in 2022. This incredible milestone is a testament to the success of GREENstick’s marketing strategy, which focuses on leveraging the power of organic social media and content marketing to reach more customers. With more and more businesses turning to digital marketing solutions, it is clear that GREENstick has found a winning formula for success. This achievement is just another example of our ongoing success.

47,000+ Business Citations

In 2022, GREENstick Marketing customers saw their businesses listed on over 47,000 citations. This impressive feat is a testament to the power of digital marketing and the role it plays in helping businesses succeed. With such an expansive reach and accuracy, businesses of all sizes can get their name out while ensuring their contact information is up-to-date across multiple listings. The platform provides detailed reporting so customers can monitor their performance and make more informed decisions about their marketing strategy. With this level of reach, GREENstick customers can quickly maximize their online presence’s potential.

8 Million Online Conversions Through Digital Ads

In 2022, GREENstick customers experienced staggering success with their Google and Facebook Advertising campaigns, achieving over 8 million online conversions. By leveraging the power of digital marketing, these businesses were able to increase their reach and target their desired audiences more effectively. With this level of performance, businesses now have access to unprecedented tangible data that they can use to optimize their strategies. This data-driven approach has allowed companies to make more informed decisions about their marketing objectives and drive more meaningful results from their campaigns overall.

4 Million Reached Organically On Social Media

GREENstick Marketing customers experienced remarkable success in 2022, publishing over 10,000 social posts and organically reaching over 4 million social media users. By leveraging the power of GREENstick’s platform, these businesses can effectively target their desired audiences and create content that resonates with users. The platform also allowed businesses to automate their content scheduling and ensure their posts reached the right people at the right time. These results are a testament to the potential of digital marketing and demonstrate the impact it can have on businesses across various industries.

2,600+ Online Reviews 

In 2022, GREENstick Marketing customers achieved tremendous success in online reviews, with over 2,600 collected across significant platforms such as Google and Facebook. Customers reported an average star rating of 4 out of 5 stars for the services provided, which speaks to the quality and reliability that our customers provide their customers. This data is a testament to businesses’ success when leveraging digital marketing strategies to reach their target audiences. The positive customer feedback has also allowed businesses to refine their strategies and make more informed decisions about their future campaigns.

Have you had your mind blown by ChatGPT? 🤯 Yeah, us too! Recognizing the significance of releases like ChatGPT, we pivoted our product roadmap to quickly make this kind of technology available and valuable to a broader audience.

GREENstick harnesses the power of AI to reduce the technology burden for small businesses. Integrating AI into the GREENstick platform will help SMBs work faster and more efficiently. Read the full-release article here.


From all of us at GREENstick, we hope your holidays are restful and reflective. Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished this year, and best of luck in the coming year.

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