Have you had your mind blown by ChatGPT? 🤯 Yeah, us too! Recognizing the significance of releases like ChatGPT, we pivoted our product roadmap to make this kind of technology available and useful to a broader audience fast.

GREENstick harnesses the power of AI to reduce the technology burden for small businesses. Integrating AI into the GREENstick platform will help SMBs work faster and more efficiently.

GREENstick is thrilled to announce a new product feature that harnesses the power of AI. Applying artificial intelligence within the GREENstick Platform will help GREENstick customers use technology to interact with their audiences faster and easier.

The new features, released in GREENstick’s Reputation Management and Social Marketing products, will help customers create social media posts, reply to customer reviews in context and perform other routine engagement tasks with artificial intelligence.

Integrating AI into the GREENstick platform moves the company toward its vision of democratizing technology for local businesses. The updates to GREENstick’s platform will help time-starved small business owners begin responding to routine customer interactions like online reviews and generating social posts.

With considerable advances in technology — like AI — small businesses get an essential tool to help them keep up with industry giants in their race. Recognizing the significance of releases like ChatGPT, GREENstick pivoted its product roadmap to quickly make this kind of technology available and valuable to a broader audience. While some people fear this technology, GREENstick views it as a way to level the playing field. Instead of working on the research and composition of a post or review, partners can now begin with that completed and instead focus on strategy and adding perspective.

These new artificial intelligence features are being rolled out this month to GREENstick customers who wish to enable the products in Beta. Release to all GREENstick customers is scheduled for early in the New Year. The updates to the software will do the heavy lifting of researching and generating the opening content for social media posts, customer review responses, and other related activities.

With a continued commitment and drive to deliver top-notch customer solutions to be more effective online, GREENstick customers will continue to experience other feature benefits in 2023 to improve their productivity and their digital marketing.

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