When you’re creating Facebook Ads, do these 7 things and you will be on your way to conversion bliss.

1. Use the name of the industry or business you’re targeting in the title of your content (e.g., Realtor Survival Guide, 7 Things Every Sports Bar Needs, Social Media Tips for Dential Clinics).

2. Create an audience of the name of the industry and business you’re targeting and use these parameters: location+age+job title and must also match employees of business(es).

3. Use the name of the industry or business you’re targeting in the text and headline— and if you’re feeling earnest, even throw it in the description. The more present it is, the more likely it’s going to flag your audience in the newsfeed.

4. Sell your story with why people need to click-through with data-driven facts and promotions, or if you’ve got the copywriting chops, hit ‘em with a hard-hitting USP.

5. Source an eye-catching image. The first thing people see in the newsfeed is the image. Stay away from white-noise—quirky animations and workplace images with people huddled around a computer. You sell your business on being different, the same rule applies here.

6. Make sure your landing page (or Facebook Lead Card) is designed to convert. Ensure it’s a continuation of the ad—cease with any bait-and-switch or smoke and mirrors—no one likes to be tricked. Keep it short and sweet by selling the benefits of what you’re offering.

7. No matter how tight your audience is, you’ll always get clicks and conversions from left field taking bites out of your spend. If you notice demographical trends in your reporting that don’t apply to you, prune them out of your audience parameters by using the “exclude” function.

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