This July, we’re celebrating 2-years in business!

It’s safe to say we reached even more milestones in our second year in business. It’s always fun to look back and go through the numbers to see what kind of year two-story you’re able to tell. 

Here are some 12-month business stats for us here at GREENstick as of July 2021; 

  • Still, one business marketing platform providing our customers with a robust automated reporting dashboard. This has enabled all parties to provide value with an Executive Summary report to keep our customers coming back for more. This automatic weekly or monthly snapshot shows short-term changes and long-term trends in our customers’ digital footprint from integrated Marketplace products, including reviews, listings, advertising, website, and email campaigns.
  • Our strategic and humanized approach to digital marketing connected over 29 million online consumers to our ever-growing community of fantastic brands.
  • 3.9 Million new sales opportunities reported by our customers who invest during our second year in business in digital advertising and search engine optimization.
  • We’ve welcomed 402 brands and welcomed 300+ executive marketers and business owners onto the GREENstick Business App.
  • 98% of active customers log in to the GREENstick Business App daily to monitor, manage, and track return on investment across their business’s entire digital landscape. Our platform and business initiatives have been well received, and while there is always room for growth and improvement, we are happy with our second-year performance overall.
  • 200+ Instant-On Apps. We launched Marketplace within our platform to provide marketers and business owners a destination for suites of products with different pricing and models. Since introducing the Marketplace, our customers can get whatever they need as their business strategy shifts. We’re continuing to do the hard work for our customers. No technical integrations, complex contracts, or RFPs are required. Our curated Vendor selection means our customers will get the best price, are privy to promotions, SLA adherence, and more.

After analyzing and taking our existing customers to feedback into consideration, in year two in business, we launched the following features, products, and services to the GREENstick Business App: 

  • With Meeting Scheduler, prospects can now use a link to book a meeting with their salesperson easily. This cuts out the back-and-forth and allows both parties to spend less time working out the details of the meeting and more time prepping for it.
  • Inbox SMS – We are excited to announce our business clients will have the ability to send and receive SMS text messages from their Business App account! This feature will be available within Inbox in Business App.
  • CloudCampaign + Canva Integration – An all-in-one system that gives our business clients the ability to separate accounts into individual workspaces, create and collaborate on content, send client content approvals, schedule posts, and report back their efforts.
  • Multi-Location Social Posting – Managing social for multi-location brands has never been easier. Through the Multi-Location Business App, our business clients can now post to multiple Facebook pages in one go. Maintain brand consistency while keeping each location local through dynamic content and easy customization. Get a high-level overview of your overall brand, or drill down to analyze how each location is performing—all from one app.
  • Invite Team Members – Our GREENstick Business App customers can now invite other users (such as team members or employees) to their Business App account. This feature allows for more users within one account to engage more frequently with Business App. It gives the business more freedom to bring in other team members to manage the various activities within the GREENstick Business App.
  • Google Search Console Integration -With this powerful no-cost feature, we are able to show how all the hard work we do on a business’s marketing (website content, blog, listings, reviews, social media, etc) is resulting in real-world improvements in their SEO.

These past two years, what we’ve learned and some advice is, no business operates in a vacuum–whether you’re part of a niche collection of organizations or a set of local shops, we need to work with our neighbors, both literally and figuratively, to create solutions that work for everyone. 

We encourage you to stay informed on what other businesses in your area or your industry are doing. Ensure your efforts are in line with overarching initiatives to maintain a streamlined approach to problem-solving and being a good global citizen to mitigate the current and potential future crises that we will need to get through together. 

Thank you for your kindness, passion, enthusiasm, and support over the past 2-years. We couldn’t have done it without you. 

This month, Chuck and I will be featuring each of the fantastic brands that supported us over the last two years. Revisit our blog ( weekly for continuous updates. Also, join us on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn and participate in the month-long celebration and insights. 

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