SurviveCyber Risk Protection

Reduce exposure and the legal and financial risks of a breach through affordable cyber protection.

Threat Alerts

Provides members with critical information about security threats affecting the small business community. Our timely alerts help members learn about the latest security threats and how to proactively protect your company’s sensitive data, systems, privacy, employees, money, and more. 

Cyber Insurance Coverage

$100,000 to $10 Million in Cyber Insurance Coverage. with Lockton Affinity, the Nation’s leading cyber insurance provider. Lockton Affinity has developed CyberLock Defense to protect your business from the associated costs of a cyber-attack and network breach.

Survive Cyber

An effective business protection service designed to help your company survive a cyber-attack and reduce the legal and financial consequences that inevitably flor from such an event. 

“Cyberattack, we got your back!” – SURVIVE CYBER™

Did You Know?

61% of cyber-attacks affect companies with less than 100 employees, and as much as 60% of small businesses closed within 6 months of a data breach!

Cyber risks can negatively impact your brand, compromise your valuable data, and even put you out of business.

SURVIVE CYBER helps protect your clients from cyber threats with a simple, easy to deploy, and affordable solution.

Specifically designed for the unique needs of small to midsize businesses (SMBs).

Download your complimentary plan! This play is one of the many helpful resources that comes with being a member of Survive Cyber™.

Legal Protections

The 2015 Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (“CISA”) act has built-in some powerful risk mitigation opportunities not found in traditional cyber insurance products. 


What We Offer

CyberLock Defense is a one-of-a-kind cyber liability insurance policy. 

Flexible Policy Limits

Raning From $100,000 TO $10,000,000

Full Policy Limits

For incidents of cyber theft, social engineering, ransomware, and more. 


A community dedicated to cybersecurity collaboration and resource sharing. Gain access to tools and expert guidance while engaging in activities and events designed to foster a culture of security.


Our Approach to Security

Helping small businesses protect themselves from cybersecurity risks and business loss. Cyber risks can negatively impact your brand, compromise valuable data, and even put you out of business. 

SURVIVE CYBER™ helps protect your business from cyber threats with a simple, easy-to-deploy, and affordable solution. 


of cyber attacks affect companies with less than 100 employees.


of small businesses that experience a breach go out of business after 6-months!

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SurviveCyber is America’s #1 rated ISAO 2 years in a row! You’re in great hands. (Small-Medium Business Information Sharing Association)

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