NewSimplified advertising for your small and medium business. Automated for efficiency. Optimized for performance.

LocalAds, an omni-channel digital marketing strategy, is reformatting to best help you reach your customers. The campaigns will now all be focused on the main objective and key result of your business, making it easier than ever!

  • LocalAds Awareness, the campaign will focus on awareness and brand recognition and top of funnel marketing.
  • LocalAds Visits, the campaign will focus on driving customers into a physical store, place of business, or outdoor event.
  • LocalAds Calls, the campaign will focus on driving phone calls from customers to the business. These calls can be recorded and played back for training and sales purposes.
  • LocalAds Online Conversions, the campaign will focus on conversion actions such as form fills, downloads.
  • LocalAds E-Commerce, the campaign will focus on product awareness and shopping cart purchase.
  • LocalAds Social Audience Builder, the campaign will focus on growing Facebook followers and page engagement.

LocalAds is Advertising Simplified

LocalAds is a digital marketing approach that is based on understanding and obtaining the advertisers’ objectives. LocalAds is an omni-channel digital marketing strategy focused on reaching specifically defined, unique, and addressable audiences across multiple platforms.

These platforms include display and video advertising, social media advertising, paid search, and connected TV / OTT (over-the-top) and are determined based on your business’s objective.

Once the objectives are outlined these strategies are then pushed to a single audience across multiple devices, including mobile app/web, desktop/tablet/laptop and Smart TV or streaming device.

The purpose of this approach is to influence behavior to the identified target audience and drive that audience towards a measurable conversion.

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