Meet Visitt

The digital COO that actively increases operational standards in real-estate portfolios.

Property Operations Platform Built For The 21st Century

The Opportunity

Property Managers, Owners, and Operators are unable to increase operational standards and renter satisfaction.

Existing property management systems are outdated and cluttered.

Property operations activities are still being managed and distributed across the web, messengers, email, and pen-and-paper.

Property managers only have access to basic analytics. Making data-driven decisions impossible. 

The Solution

Visitt, a SaaS platform that serves as a digital COO, actively increasing operational standards and service level in real-estate properties.

Centralized, streamlined operations-focused platform.

A single source of truth for all property operations.

Deep data analytics, enabling data-driven decisions and on-the-go optimizations.

The Impact

Landlords and Operators exceed operational standards!

Higher Satisfaction Level. Lower Vacancy Rates.

Well Maintained Assets. Fewer Unexpected Expenses.

Increased Property Standards. Higher Return On Investment.

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