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Improving Business & Empowering Employees with AI

Improving Business & Empowering Employees with AI – While AI and technology have their benefits, many businesses are still trying to understand the potential impact on their bottom line. Hear from Chris Beckwith-Taylor and Caitlin Pitkin at GREENstick how local companies enhance profit and retain talent by implementing these new AI strategies.

Now is the time to harness the power of AI for your business.

The all-in-one marketing package for local businesses

GREENstick helps local businesses thrive in today’s competitive market with AI-infused tools that streamline operations without compromising customer experience, covering every step from prospecting to payment.

Digital Inbox Pro

Improve lead capture and conversion rates by consolidating communication. Leads received through the AI-powered web chat widget will be integrated with inquiries and messages from Google Business Messages, Facebook & Instagram Messages, and SMS, streamlining all customer communication in one central location.

Automate Unscalable Tasks

GREENstick’s AI automates the unscalable manual task of matching solutions to pain points in our customers’ online presence. It uniquely allows auto-recommendation and product and service solutions, addressing areas of improvement across the entire digital landscape.

Expedite Website Development

GREENstick’s AI technology streamlines the website creation process, allowing our customers to easily customize high-quality design templates, add content, and implement functionality with just a few clicks. 

AI Suggested Review Responses

Use our “AI-Suggested Review Response” tool to automate your review response process without sacrificing quality or accuracy. Get real-time notifications on reviews found across multiple sources.

Create Social Campaigns

Save hours with bulk-prompt social campaigns. Craft unique text and images. Quickly create multiple content calendars and auto-post to multiple sites. Use our “AI-Suggested Comment” tool to keep the conversations flowing across your active accounts. 

Generate PPC Copy & Keywords

Save time and optimize your Search Engine and Social Media ads with GREENstick’s AI tools. Enjoy smart site links, personalized strategies, and instant ad copy. Track your ROI and identify top-performing ads.

Enhance Business Listings and Profiles

Add and update critical business information with the assistance of AI. By listing your business or non-profit organization on over 60 industry-related sites such as Google and Facebook, you can gain greater visibility. Additionally, with AI’s help, you can add and update crucial business information and keep track of recommended targeted keywords.


Not sure where to begin? Let us help you get started.

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