Congratulations on becoming an exclusive Green Stick Affiliate! 


Now, to become a successful Affiliate, you’re already aware that you have to engage your audience. You have to sell them your trust in a company. This is why we’ve created these high-level features designed to make you a Green Stick expert.

End-to-end E-commerce Platform

Green Stick is the only end-to-end commerce platform for selling digital solutions to local businesses. In fact, the savings can be >$14K per month. Here’s the proof:

  • Build Your Own Software Stack With Multiple Products: Average Cost is $15,000+ /month
  • Use Green Stick’s All-In-One Platform: Average Cost is $599 /month

You Get the Credit

With our white-label digital marketing products and services, this means that you get to put the logo on our (industry experts’) work. Your clients will never know you use Green Stick.

All-in-one Platform

Market, sell, bill, and fulfill all in one platform. Green Stick’s white-label platform brings everything together for agencies and enterprises providing solutions to business owners. It’s a B2B e-commerce software that lets you scale sales, marketing, fulfillment, and operations—all in the name of helping local businesses succeed. White-label platform to build your brand.

Your brand, your trust, your customers. No other B2B e-commerce platform brings everything together as Green Stick does for teams selling to small and medium businesses.

Find new business customers. Fast.

Automatically engage business owners with a needs analysis. Then, provide a free set of tools tailored to help them grow their digital presence. Build trust, ask for the sale, then reap your reward.

Grow your revenue, not your costs.

Sell your solutions with integrated invoicing and billing (coming soon). Offer new apps & services from our curated Marketplace. Scale fulfillment with built-in project management, or outsource to our team.

Save time and money. All in one platform.

Connect your entire team through a full end-to-end solution, baked into a single subscription. Stop wasting time in spreadsheets and fixing broken connections between separate tools.


Green Stick’s Marketplace is equipped with dozens of apps and services ready to resell with your logo. Did we mention it’s risk-free? Yes, you read that right. You only pay for products once you’ve sold them to your clients. No upfront costs, no monthly minimums. Without the risk of a financial commitment, you’re free to experiment with products to discover what best fits your clients’ needs. With Marketplace, you will discover what your clients need before they do.

Outsource Your Work to North-American Experts

Being a business owner is time-consuming! With 350+ industry experts based in North America, you can outsource your work to our team, under your brand. Available services include:

  • Digital Advertising
  • Website Design
  • Social Media Content
  • Review Management
  • Content Services
  • Listing Management

You’ll have access to a powerful dashboard with all the reports for your white-labeled marketing services in one place. Our Executive Report gives you more credibility and your clients can keep track of all the work.


You’re ready to become an Affiliate rockstar! You’ve got the insight, audience, and content. Simply share your thoughts—along with your personalized link—and scale your success quickly. 

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