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About GREENstick Marketing

The modern digital world often lacks that human element that makes life unique. We focus on the connections between people and help brands to share their own stories in a way only they can with us, by focusing not just on what you’re selling but also why it’s important for everyone else to see as well–because without this connection there isn’t much more than machine-made marketing posts filled out solely by algorithms trying hard not sound like spammy advertising or desperate pleas from companies who need your attention desperately!

Bend Without Breaking Your Brand

Chris Beckwith-Taylor was fed up with the lack of a solution that could manage, monitor, and track his return on investment across multiple platforms. He started this new venture because he knew no one else had created a business model for him in 15 years!

We have developed an industry-leading platform to help our clients be more successful by utilizing collaboration, not competition–taking cues from various industries around us all over the world while developing something which works well together continuously.

Our Approach

Listen up! With your business being so important, we need to show how digital marketing will help. We have the transparency and capacity for this, so don’t worry about a thing – trust in all our hard work when things start scaling with success.

Our Mission

From starting a business to running the entire ecosystem, our team is committed to helping you succeed. We value Drive, Innovation, Respect, and Agility in all aspects of what we do – online or off-line!

Our Vision

We dedicate ourselves to providing world-class products and services that exceed our clients’ expectations. Armed with an unwavering commitment, we will ensure success for you and your business by consistently delivering results at a high level of excellence in all areas on which your company relies on us to do. 

Chris Beckwith-Taylor

Chris Beckwith-Taylor

Founder & Chief Strategist

Chuck Taylor

Chuck Taylor

Chief Executive Officer

“GREENstick helped our newest lease-up of 244-units within the first 6-months! “

Angie Lombardi

Vice President of Marketing, The Franklin Johnston Group

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