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About GREENstick Marketing

The internet has brought about a surge of connectivity in recent years, making it easier to connect with others. However, this increased connectivity has not always resulted in more authentic connections. It can often be challenging to form genuine relationships online. This is where GREENstick comes in. We believe that authentic connections are essential to a happy and fulfilling life. We’ve made it our mission to help people connect in more meaningful ways. Whether through our online platform or our in-person events, we provide a space for people to communicate with each other on a deeper level. We believe that when we come together and share our stories, we can create a more compassionate and understanding world.

Bend Without Breaking Your Brand

GREENstick is the only business app that helps you increase brand awareness, generate leads, and track return on investment (ROI) for your digital marketing campaigns. With GREENstick, you can finally stop wasting time and money monitoring multiple platforms – our one-stop-shop gives you everything you need to succeed online. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and see the results for yourself!

Our Approach

Listen up! With your business being so important, we need to show how digital marketing will help. We have the transparency and capacity for this, so don’t worry about a thing – trust in all our hard work when things start scaling with success.

Our Mission

From starting a business to running the entire ecosystem, our team is committed to helping you succeed. We value Drive, Innovation, Respect, and Agility in all aspects of what we do – online or off-line!

Our Vision

We dedicate ourselves to providing world-class products and services that exceed our clients’ expectations. Armed with an unwavering commitment, we will ensure success for you and your business by consistently delivering results at a high level of excellence in all areas on which your company relies on us to do. 

Chris Beckwith-Taylor

Chris Beckwith-Taylor

Founder & Chief Strategist

Chuck Taylor

Chuck Taylor


“GREENstick helped our newest lease-up of 244-units within the first 6-months! “

Angie Lombardi

Vice President of Marketing, The Franklin Johnston Group

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