12 Holiday-Themed Social Media Posts

To Boost Engagement

1. Share a holiday recipe that features your product.

2. Host a holiday-themed Instagram contest with a prize that includes your product.

3. Give away a holiday gift basket filled with your products on social media.

4. Create holiday-themed graphics featuring quotes related to your industry.

5. Offer a discount on your products or services for people who mention your social media post during the holidays.

6. Make a list of the top ten most popular gifts related to your industry this holiday season and share it on social media.

7. Share photos and videos of your team members decorating for the holidays or participating in holiday activities.

8. Sponsor a toy drive or food drive and post about it on social media using relevant hashtags (#giveback #community).

9. Collaborate with other businesses in your industry to give away a big prize package filled with products and services from all businesses involved.

10. Create a holiday-themed infographic about your industry with tips related to gift-giving, entertaining, etc.

11. Post any special events or promotions you have going on during the holidays on social media ( open house, special sales, etc.).

12. Wish your fans and followers a happy holiday with a customized graphic or video featuring employees from your business. Use these ideas as inspiration for creating engaging holiday-themed content for your business’s social media accounts this year!

There are endless possibilities when creating holiday-themed social media content that your customers will love. By getting festive with your cover photo, sharing deals and discounts, offering exceptional holiday-themed customer service, showing off your holiday spirit with pictures and videos, and giving back with a charity campaign, you’ll be sure to spread some cheer this holiday season!

So what are you waiting for? Get started on producing quality content today in your GREENstick Business App.

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